Service is Made Easy at Our Fairfax, VA Nissan Dealership

After how much you've invested in your current Nissan, the last thing you probably want to get excited for is scheduling service, maintenance or repairs for your Altima, Sentra or Rogue. But with our Fairfax, VA Nissan dealer's service center, we make sure that crucial part of car ownership is easy, affordable and convenient, all with the aim to keep your vehicle in its best shape for many years to come. There's still time before the worst winter weather that typically approaches around northern Virginia, so prepare right now with a service visit at Brown's Fairfax Nissan.



What are some smart wintertime service offerings you can check in on? Simple parts and accessories like your windshield wipers and high and low beams can be quickly checked by our Nissan experts, and it's a good idea to double up on a visit if you're already in need of an oil change, tire change or inspection. Speaking of tires, if you're getting your winter ties on, now is definitely time to do that, as we can never fully predict when huge snowstorms will hit the area.

Other important things to have our Nissan techs check include your power windows, heating and cool systems and your 4x4 or AWD system if you have an SUV or truck with those features in place. Keeping up on maintenance around this time of year is especially important, but just like we offer every month, we have several service specials available to keep costs competitive here in Fairfax.

Service isn't necessarily the most fun part of owning a Nissan, but it's needed for year-long safety and long-lasting value. Schedule an appointment with Brown's Fairfax Nissan today and bring your car, truck or SUV in right now to get started.

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