The New Nissan LEAF is More Than Just an Amazing EV

You probably know all about the new Nissan LEAF, the latest take on one of the most popular and successful electric vehicles found around the roads of northern Virginia and beyond. But beyond its impressive driving range, the latest LEAF edition delivers a wealth of smart technology, which is what you should expect when shopping for any new Nissan here in Fairfax. One such tech offering is the available Nissan ProPilot Assist system, which makes getting around busy highway traffic even easier in your new LEAF.



As car companies look toward the future with self-driving cars, Nissan has a jump start with its ProPilot Assist suite, which blends high-end functions like lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking to give you a hands-free driving experience in the likes of the LEAF and a few others in our new model lineup. Of course you still need to be attentive when the LEAF's ProPilot suite is activated, but having your steering, braking and lane position maintained through a series of high-end sensors, radars and cameras makes your daily commuting all the easier.

With more EV charging stations popping up around these parts of northern Virginia these days, keeping your LEAF's 40-kWh battery pack charged is easier than ever. With convenience the name of the game with new Nissan models like the LEAF, you'll do well with your options to charge up at home with a household-style outlet for a longer period of time, or you can set up your own special charging station for quicker, overnight recharges. We'll help you get set up the right way, and we'll share where there are easily found charging stations around Fairfax and northern Virginia.

Find out what makes the new LEAF such an easy EV to drive around by visiting us at Brown's Fairfax Nissan today.

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