Owning a Nissan has many benefits. You get the automaker's slick styling, high-end tech features and that amazing blend of capable driving with strong efficiency in any Rogue, Altima or Sentra that you drive around northern Virginia. But being a Nissan owner also helps you to keep your car in its best shape thanks to the service schedule every model is complete with. Having your general maintenance and scheduled work taken care of at the service center here at our Fairfax, VA is easier than ever, so schedule an appointment and come on over.



Having your wheels properly aligned is one of the many jobs we take care of here at our Fairfax service center, but we also specialize in the kinds of regularly schedule maintenance work you'll want to stay on top of at routine mileage and yearly intervals. These kinds of scheduled service jobs include:

  • Tire service, repairs and replacement: You won't get far without properly inflated tires with plenty of tread left, so leave it to the experts to handle any maintenance or to match your specific Nissan with the best fitting tires it needs.
  • Battery checks and replacements: If your car's electronics aren't working, or worse, the whole thing won't start, even with a jump, you'll want our service experts to take a look at your battery and find you a replacement if needed.
  • Brake repairs and service: It's hard to pinpoint the most important parts and systems of a car, but brakes are crucial for safety, and our Nissan techs will make sure yours are regularly inspected and always in tip-top shape.
  • Oil changes: The easiest of routine service visits, keeping up on your car's oil changes not only ensures all your parts and mechanics are properly lubricated and running smooth, but it also allows our Nissan experts to look through your vehicle's other crucial components.

Schedule a service appointment today with us at Brown's Fairfax Nissan and see how we keep your car running in its best shape with routine visits.

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