When looking for the best overall deal on your next vehicle, timing is key. You want to jump on an opportunity with a new Nissan when we're offering huge savings, but you also need to consider what your current budget is like. That's why shopping during tax season can be a great idea, as our Fairfax, VA Nissan dealership offers several amazing new vehicle specials during the winter, and you might have extra in your budget from your refund. See if a deal on the likes of the new Nissan Rogue or any other works for your travel needs and your budget, and visit us today to get started.



There are a number of directions you can go with your tax refund. Using it for a down payment when buying a Nissan to own for years will set you up for lower monthly payments, and perhaps a loan term that doesn't last as long as if you couldn't put much down up front. For leasing, you may qualify for a deal that doesn't require any money up front, so your tax refund can be saved away for the first few payments the new Rogue, Altima or Murano you've chosen requires.

Similar strategies apply to a used car that you choose to buy at our Nissan dealership in Fairfax. Anything you have extra for your budget from your tax refund is going to start you off on the right foot, and with more cash in hand, you may be able to choose a newer or certified pre-owned Nissan instead of an older used vehicle.

See how you can use your tax refund on your next vehicle and shop at Brown's Fairfax Nissan today to get started.

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