When you make the great decision to buy a new Nissan here near Washington D.C., you'll get some standard warranty coverage with the kind of Altima, Rogue or Sentra that you wind up with. But from there, you'll have options for all kinds of additional vehicle protection plans that you'll want to consider. By factoring in any extended coverage with your lease or loan, you'll spread out its price across your period of ownership, and with the right protection plan, you might very well save considerably if something occurs with your Nissan that's covered by the agreement you sign up for.

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Any new Nissan will be a high-quality vehicle far past its standard warranty period, but life out on the road is nothing but unpredictable. In order to drive with more confidence and to be prepared for an unforeseen breakdown or having parts worn down, find the kind of coverage that will pay for repairs and service on particular components and systems of your Nissan. We're known for offering clear and straightforward protection options, so you'll never feel pressured to extend your warranty further or to add other protection plans, all while we go over the benefits of those agreements.

Even with our used cars, you'll get some standard warranty protection through our Buy Happy benefits. But see if there are additional protection plans you can add to the mix, helping you maintain your vehicle for as long as possible with lower costs for service and repairs when something that's covered needs to be worked on. We'll be sure to let you know exactly what you're getting with your protection plan, so shop today here in Fairfax and we'll be happy to get you started.

With the right kind of vehicle protection, you'll drive with more confidence with the assurances that all kinds of repairs will be taken care of. Learn more by visiting Brown's Fairfax Nissan today.

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