Brown's Car Stores and William E. Schuiling were proud to sponsor the Susan G. Komen More Than Pink Virtual Walk September 12th, 2020. This is Brown's Car Stores third time sponsoring this walk. Although we couldn't gather at Freedom Plaza, participants were encouraged to walk their local trails to raise money to find a cure. The virtual event raised over $406,000 for Breast Cancer Research and meet the critical needs in our community.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation features 4 Pillars that highlight the foundation's mission and how the donations fund each Pillars. Those 4 pillars are Research, Care, Community, and Action. These focus areas work to find a cure, comfort and support those living with breast cancer, and advocate for access to care for all. Susan G. Komen saves lives by discovering new treatments, providing access to screenings, providing support to those effected by Breast Cancer, and finally educating policymakers on the burden of Breast Cancer.

?Brown's Car Stores and William Schuiling are proud to sponsor such a wonderful organization as Susan G. Komen and be part of the efforts to find cure.
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